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With our Custom Media products, we work closely intimately with clients to define specific criteria to build actionable market intelligence reports. These personalized reports are delivered directly to your email inbox on a daily basis. We do the heavy lifting by conducting extensive research across multiple sources in order to find all the news that is important to your company. We evaluate each and every news item to determine its informational value. The valuable news is then summarized by our dedicated editorial team to deliver the most significant points in a concise, readable format.

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We discuss your needs and desired final product or media


Together, we work to develop initial search terms and parameters


We develop the overall aesthetic of the newsletter and informational content based on the agreed upon search terms


Based on initial development, we refine any search terms, ensuring total news coverage


A daily email of summarized articles on news impacting your industry is delivered to you and your team

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  • Phone: 703-226-7025

  • Email: media@dodwire.com

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